London punks Fresh came to me with a great record title and a couple of frankly incredible photos and asked me to turn them into the art for their 2021 EP. What ensued was a fever of scribbling and digital collage to do justice to the energy of the music.
This felt like a continuation of the frantic scrapbooking I would do as a teenager, the angst and ephemera of when *I* first started playing music myself.
We were able to take the record art a step further with the opening of the Spotify Canvas beta, and each track on the record has its own furiously looping animation, the pages of the scrapbook bursting into life with dancing stickers and wiggly graffiti.
'The Summer I Got Good At Guitar' is out digitally 30/04/21, with the vinyl & tape pre-order up now from Specialist Subject Records. There's also a shirt, printed by screenprint heroes VINOSANGRE.​​​​​​​
Read about the cracking second single 'My Redemption Arc' on Stereogum HERE.