Artwork for the second LP by Non Canon
"The album deals with themes of mental-health issues when the world is going insane around you; about continuing to grow up, improve, learn, and evolve as a person, working out how you fit into a world that keeps shifting, and what (if anything) you can do to help when things go wrong."​​​​​​​
I was inspired by mid-century graphic design and illustration, particularly the artwork gracing the covers of jazz records and paperbacks of the 50s.​​​​​​​
Non Canon's first album utilised a range of imagery related to the lyrics whilst keeping to a limited colour palette, and I was keen to put my own spin on this strategy.
Colour, texture and forms tie together a disorientating, angular array of objects and figures, and running along the entirety of the package is a meandering line, a thread to to follow back out of the labyrinth.
Artwork adapted for CD and digital release, as well as vinyl with two colour variations.
I also created artwork for an accompanying single, before adapting my cover to create an animation for a lyric video (the full version can be watched here).