Animated music video for Supermilk!
"The world is full of people (usually men) who have been able to stumble through their increasingly fantastic lives with very minimal effort. Many of us, consciously or otherwise, are complicit. Life isn’t fair and some people don’t deserve to be where they are. There is no happy ending to this story."
I was asked to make a video for Supermilk whilst reading Pat Barker's 'The Silence of the Girls', a retelling of the Trojan war focussing on the role of women in the story. The classical masculine heroes are recast as deeply flawed - cowardly, misogynistic and jealous - and Barker's feminist mythologies inspired me to set Supermilk's critique of masculinity to my own fable.
I was also looking at the work of Lotte Reineger, an early pioneer of filmmaking and the creator of the oldest surviving animated feature film. Known for her shadow puppet folk tales, Reineger has not been as celebrated as other (male) figures in the canon of the moving image, and with 'Light' I wanted to champion her work and illustrate her creative spirit.